No Formula

2 + 2 = 4, always. If I put water in the freezer it will turn to ice. If I combine sodium and chloride I get table salt. If only relationships were like math and science, predictable and the result is always what you expect. But humans, particularly human relationship, well let’s just say there is no formula. God is much the same, he has no formula either.

Many years ago while running and praying about my calling in life I felt like God told me, there is no formula. I was at a cross roads of sorts and seeking God guidance but also confused about so many things in my life. I felt lost and I wanted a simple answer like 2+2=4. Instead God told me there is no formula. What the heck God? I like formulas! I can do formulas! What do I do without a formula?

Well now 10 years later I have stumbled through life. Had ups and downs and gone all around. I have done many things I feel like were a success but many things I feel like were a failure. Yes I still feel like I live a life with no formula but I have started accepting this and embracing it. Why did God tell me there is no formula? Why would God not provide me what I wanted, why did he not give me the formula I thought I so needed?

Well I cannot say I have a definite answer but I am glad he didn’t give me a formula. If he had I would not have learned to walk by faith. If he had I would not have learned to trust God over myself. If He had then I would not have a more willing heart. If he had I would not have come into contact with so many people in my life that have been essential. If he had I would not understand his grace and forgiveness in a substantial way.

So to those who are lost, questioning God or struggling and think if only I had a formula, may you accept that the only “formula” you need is God himself. Amen

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