Today I went to do some errands. My 2 dogs were with me. They go almost everywhere with me these days. As the lady came to greet me my 2 dogs where climbing out the widow to give “kisses” to this stranger. They had no fear. They trusted that this stranger would welcome them. Of course who would not welcome these 2 adorable little dogs.

Trust is a changing topic for me. When something bad happens the first thing to leave is trust and I think the last thing to come back is trust. Maybe it never fully comes back in this life time. That is yet to be determined for me.

The first issues I had to deal with was God. For God says we are to trust him. But how do you trust him after suffering something horrific? I have wondered what Jesus thought and felt in terms of trust when he hung on the cross in pain. Did his trust wane? Even more, what is trust? Is it a feeling or is it a choice?

These are some of the questions I have had to face while on my journey. I had to come terms with following Jesus, trusting God, means I will accept and endure whatever cross my path. No matter how wonderful or horrible. We as Christians often do not like talking about this part. But it is reality. Trusting God does not mean bad things won’t happen. Trusting God means you believe he will work all things to his goodness no matter how bad things get. When Jesus died on the cross he endured it for the greater purpose. That is the trust God desires of us.

For me it has taken years to get where I could honesty could tell God, I trust you. I have to say, he earned it from me. Now I commonly tell people I trust God, I do not trust people. For people are not perfect, all knowing, all powerful and sovereign. I guess I will save the discussion of trusting people for another time and day.

So to those who say God I do not trust you. May he show you his power so that he earns your trust. And to all let us be people that are trustworthy, consistent in our love so we can be a trusting friend to those in need. Amen

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