Who’s Story

In the beginning…. Into eternity…. The Bible is a big story book. It’s a story book about God’s relationship with humanity. Anyone that knows me very well knows that I think of my faith as a relationship. My faith is about my relationship with my creator and the body of Christ for they are my family.

When I read the Bible, I read it in terms of a story book that is telling me about God and his relationship with people and the world. We learn these stories and learn about God but the hard part often comes when we have to come terms with our current world that has some similarities with the world thousands of years ago but is often very different today.

In today’s world there are those who think God, if he exists at all, is a distant God that does not interact with us lowly humans. I understand this thinking. We see our world and it sometimes looks like God is no where to be found. God seems absent.

But the truth is God is working and moving in today’s world just as much as he did in biblical times. He is no more absent today then when Jesus was born or David killed Goliath.

God wants each of us to go on a journey with him. He wants to be our companion in this life. He wants you to have your own story. You do not write your story, God writes it for you but you have to be willing to join him. Your journey is about God and his will for this world. Your life will tell the story of a loving God who died to reconcile himself to you. Won’t you start this journey?

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