Purpose and Goals

God design of humans never ceases to amaze me. The intricacies of our minds. The complexity of our bodies. The complicated relationships we all face. God is the ultimate mastermind and the ultimate planner. Yet he does it all with gentle love and care. I personally am a very driven, goal oriented person. I always have been. I used to be embarrassed by this but through the years I have come to learn that God made me this way on purpose. It was not a mistake. For without God’s strength and my own innate driven nature I would not have made it through the challenges of life.

My own strong drive and goal oriented mind is a wonderful gift but a double edge sword. For if my goals are set on something other than God I am in deep trouble. I am incredibly thankful Jesus came into my life at a relatively early age. For it has been his direction through the Holy Spirit that has kept me out of all kinds of trouble.

I set aside some time this morning to pray and write down a plan for the next 5 years. It included goals, a mission statement and financial plan. This helped me immensely because I have been in need of some solid goals. It was also rewarding to do this with another person because I have written several mission statements as an individual over the years but never with another person. Will the goals and plans change? Most definitely, but it is nice to have a vision all the same.

We each have a God given purpose for being on earth. I believe there are universal purposes common to all humans and then there are unique purposes given to certain individuals. Some of the universal purposes are to love God, love your neighbor and build disciples. Some unique purposes can be to enter a specific profession, or care for a certain kind of people, etc. The key is aligning ourselves with God’s will. For outside of God’s will we will not be fulfilling our God given purpose.

Sounds simple and it is. All it takes is asking and God will take care of the rest. The hard part often comes when you have to actually take a leap of faith outside your comfort zone or wait patiently for God to prepare the way. Waiting patiently is the hardest part for me. Taking the leap of faith is the hardest part for many others. What is the hardest part for you?

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