If there is one thing that frustrates me about people, particularly Christians, it is the mind set that makes them think they need to fix you. Or even the mind set that thinks, if you are in need of “fixing” this means that something with your relationship with God is lacking.

I have to admit, I myself used to think this away. I believe it comes from a false understanding of what God promises us in this life. For he does not promise my body will be perfect. Through years of living with illness I have come to a place of acceptance with God. I am who I am. My body is what it is. My mind is what it is. It is the product of my genes, environment and experiences. I do not understand why God made me this way and why he has allowed the events that have formed me to be the way I am but I trust he has a reason and plan. I am content with my disability.

I have had to do extensive work to get to a place I can function and manage the disability. It has been a grueling process. I know that I will have to continue this process. But I am not perfect, I am disabled and I plan on using my disability to help others. So why do Christians think I am lacking or in need of fixing?

When people ask to pray for me they often pray for healing, wholeness or restoration. I know people are meaning well by praying for these things but it frustrates me. So what should you pray?

Here is my prayer: “lord thank you for using my illness and disability to bring me closer to you and giving me a greater understanding of who you are and your love. Lord would you give me the tools to manage my disability so that I can effectively minister to others. Lord would you build me a team to help carry the burden and support me in my calling.” Amen

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