Always Imperfect

I recently had a lengthy discussion regarding inner holiness. Just like Adam and Eve, we are sinners. This is why God sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. So that whomever believe in Jesus is able to receive the gift of grace and acceptance by God.

So what then? After we accept Jesus into our hearts and receive the Holy Spirit does this mean we are perfect, sinless creatures? Hate to break it to you but I am far from perfect. In some Christian denominations there is this idea called sanctification. Basically it is the process that we go through inside ourselves that makes us more holy and Christ like. Through this process we learn to live in a way that is different from our previous lives.

Does this mean I will one day be perfect? Will I one day no longer have the ability to sin or want to sin? Well the easy answer is yes, when I die and go to heaven I will no longer be able to sin. But what about now, while I am still living?

This is a place that many people disagree and there is no clear answer in scripture. Some people believe you do reach perfection in this life time. I am of different kind of mind. I think I will always have the capacity to sin and struggle with sin until the day I die. Maybe I am wrong, who knows. I guess I will have to ask God when I meet him in heaven.

This brings about the question of “If you cannot be perfect and sinless in this lifetime why try so hard? Why not just live you life with no regard for sin?” For me I have 2 reasons. I have witnessed and experienced the suffering caused by our sin. I do not want to cause suffering in other so I attempt to do the right thing. Second sin causes separation between us and God leading to bondage. I like experiencing God in my life and being free in Christ. I want to experience him so I try to live a life without sin.

What about when I fail? Well that is why God is so great. For he will forgive me over and over as long as I come to him asking forgiveness.

So to all those who think I do not know Jesus, may you ask him to show you who he is, he will not disappoint and he is waiting for you to ask. And to those who know Jesus, may you continue to seek him so he can make you holy as he is holy and when you fail, simply ask for forgiveness. He is always waiting. Amen.

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