I have meet a lot of people in my life. Something that is consistent with all people is the desire for control. Similar, all people fear loss of control. This innate human desire is a source of many conflicts within ourselves, relationships and God.

When we make the decision to accept Christ into our lives we are saying “God I am willing to be yours.” This willingness for God to mold you is you giving up control of your life and offering it to your Heavenly Father.

To me this is the easy part. For when you give everything to God there is so much freedom and many people experience this instantaneously. Then as you walk along with God he starts to give you little things. He gives you responsibilities, gifts, tasks, etc. It is through this process that God is saying “you have earned my trust so I will give you more.”

This is where the hard part starts. For we often receive many tasks and they are not all from God. These other tasks cause unneeded burden and stress. It is not long before we stop and look at our plate and the plate is overflowing. We begin to panic because we are losing control.

I have seen this in myself and in others. It steels our joy. Leads to burnout. Worsens anxiety, procrastination and overall makes us loss sight of the real task God has given us.

I have had to write these things out to make sense and gain insight. The first step we take is asking for God’s wisdom. Then we acknowledge what is going on and the tasks we have on our plate. We determine which task we can accomplish based on the talents and abilities God has given us and focus our energy on those tasks. For all the rest, which we cannot control we give it to God with faith.

I am often amazed at all the things on our plate that are unnecessary, harmful and keeping us from the real task God has laid before us. For when the plate gets to full and we are losing control we have a tendency to either stand still, run or turn toward an unhealthy habits.

So next time you think my plate is overflowing, don’t run, don’t turn to an addiction, don’t stand still. Look to the heavens and ask God to showing the true task he has given you and release all he rest to God.

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