God’s Will for Our Lives

As a follower of Jesus, I am often seeking God’s will. I used to think that God had a particular will for my life and it was about finding that perfect fit. Through the years the lord had been showing me how that is very me centered. For God has a will for our world and it is my job to figure out how to join him in that task.

For me to join him in his task I have had to find myself. For we serve God best and most efficiently when we are being our true selves. I think I am somewhat still in the process of discovering my true self. I think we all are always seeking our true selves in some shape or form as we continue to grow in relationship with God.

So how do we find our true self? How do we open our eyes to see how we can join God in work he is doing in this world. Ultimately it is God that opens our eyes and reveals to us our true self and how to join him but we do play a part for we must be willing. For all relationships are give and take, even our relationship with God. For me I have found that a Christian community that allows me to explore myself, explore God, try, fail and try again is key.

For when Jesus discipled his followers he provided a safe place for the disciples to ask question, doubt, contemplate and come to terms with the truth. He provided guidance, grace and direction. For we all must grow into ourselves through the guidance of others before going out into the world to be God’s hand and feet.

So to those who do not feel they know their true self or how they fit into God’s will, may God lead you to a safe Christian community that can be a training ground. To those who have already been sufficiently trained, may you work for the Lord and carry out the tasks he has called you to. For God’s will is not for us to self promote, rather to make Jesus name known and worshiped. Amen

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