When I was a young new Christian I struggle to understand how to have a relationship with a supernatural being. I had difficulty even imaging a supernatural all powerful being existing much less wanting a personal relationship with me. But I wanted to know him, I wanted a relationship with him.

So it started with me talking with him. I did not know how to pray so I just would talk to him about everything and anything. Then I slowly learned how to listen to him talk back to me. No God is not my imaginary friend that talks to me like a person. But he does communicate with us. Much of my early relationship was learning how to listen and be willing to have him mold me. It was though this communication back and forth that he gained my trust and faith. For what started as a desire to know God became a daily interaction that I cannot not imagine living without.

I have meet many Christians who think of God as this distant being that does not interact with them. Or they might believe in God, even pray but do not feel they know God. This makes me sad because this is not my experience. I may have a mental illness but my relationship with God is not part of it. Rather he is the one that guided me to receive treatment and also lead me through my life. He is the one that has made me the women I am today and without him I would probably be on the street somewhere or dead.

Something that God has been speaking to me recently is my need to work on my relationship with the body of Christ. As someone that is an extreme introvert I find my relationship with God easy but my relationship with the body of Christ hard. For there may be times in our life God leads us away from the body of Christ for a specific purpose but as a whole we all need to be connected in order to survive and better serve our lord and savior.

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