One of my dad’s favorite saying is “communication is the key to success.” I agree that there is some truth to that statement but it only address the surface. I myself find it challenging to communicate. I have never been good at communicating with words and I have improved as I have aged but still struggle. One of the most challenging obstacles I face in relationships is communication. Peoples differences in our culture, gender, native languages, personalities, past histories all contribute to difficulties in communication.

This break in communication is a struggle. People often failed to meet some of my innate needs not out of a lack of desire or love but out of ignorance and misunderstanding. Similarly I have failed to share, verbalize needs not intentionally but because I do not know how. Everyone encounters this struggle but for intercultural relationships it is even greater.

So what is the key? The key is Jesus. Without Jesus and the Holy Spirit we will never be able to learn to navigate all the barriers to communication that we face on a daily basis. So I struggle, I wrestle, I fail but I always pick each other up, forgive, learn, change and grow because Jesus teaches us how to overcome and redeem.

So what do I mean by Jesus is the center? For me, praying as an individual is a big part of making Jesus the center. Studying the Bible for guidance and wisdom often shows me areas that I need to change and grow. Meeting with other Christians who can provide mentor ship and guidance helps.

Communication is important but the key to effective communication is Jesus Christ. For he transcends all barriers.

“My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James 1:19

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