So much of being God’s child means giving. We are all called to give but some of us find it easier than others. Through the years I have wrestled with understanding how we give ourselves to Christ but have our own needs meet. It’s a challenging concept because God says he will meet our needs. My past experiences say that God has not always meet my needs rather enable me to endure despite the situation. When I read about starving children in Africa I wonder, “God what about their needs?” So how do I reconcile the honest truth that there are unmet needs in this world? How do I reconcile my own past Un meet needs with a God that promises in his word to not worry, he will meet my needs.

And my God WILL supply ALL your needs according to HIS RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:19

I believe the answer lies with us standing up and giving what we have. If the church stopped relying on a few talented givers and all together in unity gave themselves then there would be far less unmet needs in the world. We would all be givers and receivers. If I am the only giver among a church I will always be in need of receiving. So I choose to give and hope in a God that can build a church that gives back to me. For God wants me to give but he also wants me to receive from the body of Christ. I think for me and many people who find giving easy we find receiving hard.

In a perfect world this is how the kingdom is supposed to operate but we live in a broken world. There are often more takers then givers. Givers over give at their own expense and takers receive in over indulgence. So what is the answer God? Through the years I have learned that the answer is boundaries. For me, I know my boundary based on my own health. If I am being negatively affected by my giving I need to re-evaluate whether I am giving more than what God wishes.

To those that finding giving hard, May you have faith in a God that will give you far more than you lose. To those that find receiving hard, May you allow yourself to be vulnerable to others and accept the gifts God is trying to give you. And to all, may God show you were your boundaries should lie between giving and receiving. Amen.

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