I have been asked by many what I am thinking when I paint. Similarly I have been asked what inspires my paintings. The most simple but so complex answer is prayer and worship

For those in the Christian community who grew up in church they often define worship as singing songs/hymns or repeating liturgy/scriptures. I agree that this is a form of worship but I also believe worship can be so much more. Our very life itself is worship to God. When a child that loves to dance, dances for her father she is providing a form of worship to him. She is saying in her happiness, “father thank you for this safe place where I can dance freely just for you.”

As someone who grew up outside of the traditional American church I thought of my gymnastics as worship. During competitions before I would compete I would tell God “this routine is for you God, I love you and thank you for this sport, my body and the joy this brings.” When I paint it is the same. I am present with my lord and savor. I welcome his love and presence. I give my painting to the lord just as a 3 year old may give a drawing to her daddy and say look what I made for you.

So for each work of art, there is something I thank God for but also something I ask for whether it be healing for someone, healing for myself, healing for a place, a people. I also like to meditate of different scriptures or discuss with God a word, for instance “God what does grace really mean, what does grace really look like in my life, etc. So for me painting is worship, prayer, meditation and my hope is one day it will be ministry.




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